Hi Ms. Janashvili,

I just wanted to tell you that it is great how your modeling photography is meant to empower "BBW", "Plus-Size" or "Curvaceous" women. There was a link about this on the side of a Daily News article, thought it looked interesting.

The models you have showcased in your book are beautiful ladies who are expressing a powerful movement for people with similar body types. Not just body types, but other issues are being addressed too. 

I like looking at modeling photos and other types of photography for a deeper meaning. Those ladies have nothing to worry about with appearance as long as their character or personality shines more. The surface is skin-deep and what really matters is beneath all of that, such as how they "carry" themselves in public.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring and motivational works! I hope your book continues to grow and more ladies discover a way to positively combat their "skin-deep" issues. :) 

Jesus Downing


I received Curves the book today.  Wow.  I read it twice through, and the stories are just amazing.  The photos, too.  Thank you so much!

I thought I joined your kickstarter campaign for my daughter's sake.  Or maybe my wife's.  Ultimately, I did it for me.  To validate my own appreciation for all women, all shapes, all sizes, all personalities, all backgrounds...all ages.  Every woman I meet has a unique story that presents their beauty.  Their soul.  Simply look into their eyes.

Thank you!

Dear Victoria,

I am writing to connect with you and to let you know personally how inspired I am by your project, images from CURVES. I happened to follow Emily Nolan and I saw the beautiful nude pictures that you took and fell upon an article about the work you do.

When I was younger I struggled with body image issues because I had big boobs and I felt totally weird with them on my body and then after a traumatic life event happened at the age of 17, I had a full blown eating disorder for six years. It wasn’t until I was 25 and in a treatment center that I realized how important it was to love and embrace my body.


This experience was so life changing that I now coach woman of all shapes and sizes on healing their relationship with food and embracing their bodies. It has been extremely powerful to see your project as most of the women I coach are plus size and they have struggled so much in our culture to just be ok so I really can’t wait to share your project with them!


The world and woman need to see stuff like this because I know it helps. Anyways if you ever do any other projects that are similar I would love to get involved or even just connect with you. I live in Colorado but I was born and raised in NYC and my family is there so I am always visiting and would love to share a cup of tea or coffee with you. Thanks for your work, it is so incredibly vital and important. 


Soshy Adelstein


Hi Miss Victoria:

I am so amazed and proud with what you have done for plus size woman. And I knew that I have to write to you, thinking you might not even get to read what I have for you.Whatever is it, I have to tell you how I felt. Hopefully you get to read this.

I have been a housewife for 11 years and I feel so small and inferior with my physical appearance, cos my husband doesn't seem to appreciate me anymore. By looking at your pics through the Internet I felt that I should defend myself and stop having a feeling of inferior cos it's pulling me down everyday.  The women in the pics looked so powerful so proud and beautiful. It's speak a thousand words there must be lots of stories behind those pics. I want to be part of your project. Cos I have so much to say but I can't speak out. And pics can do wonderful things.

I would like to be in the pics too Miss Victoria. But I lived so far away from you. There's no way for me to visit you as I don't have the financial ability to do so.
I am in Singapore ..I am an Indonesia Chinese.  Married to a singaporean  man. Give him 2 child. And my daily life is just cooking, cleaning. Make sure my kids are well taken care. As for him, I shan't explain  too much cos I have nothing special to share with you.

And if by chance you would travel down to singapore please contact me . I would very much want to see you in person .

Thank you once again for reading my mail. God bless you.

And have a great life.


Hi , I just want to say I'm a 16yr old from England constantly struggling with my weight and used to think I was too big to be classed as curvy , but your work is truly inspiring and has made me see what a real women looks like and how beautiful that can be. I would love to get involved with campaigning or anything at all , please tell me if there is anything you need and i wish you all the best in this fantastic Campaign. It's honestly inspiring and gave me and my friends so much confidence , happy new year to you too and I wish you only the best of luck!!! I always say if you had to individually make every person every one would be different or if not then they wouldn't be an "individual" people should be happy with who they are and people shouldn't judge them for it , thank you x
Kind Regards 
Anna Greaves x

I am so glad that there are people like you in the fashion industry, Victoria, whom are pushing towards acceptance of all body types. Curvy, plus size ladies deserve just as much attention as those models in mainstream advertising. I feel that women should be proud of their feminine figure, period. I noticed you also shot the Body Image Awareness campaign with Katya Zharkova for Plus Model Magazine. That campaign is the sole reason that I discovered Plus Model Magazine, another publication with great goals. It is with great pleasure that I am contributing to your Curves Kickstarter project and I will be sure to keep my eyes open for your work in the future. Thank you!

Mark Dickson

I cannot wait for this book ! I have another photography book that shows girls cover in tattoos and colorful hairs. I want to expand myself by seeing women that are not like other girls meaning girls who are always skinny, wears make-up, and also seeing them as theirselves rather than having people telling them they got to be like the other girls in shows and models.

Jesus Megallon

Hello, I want to say that I love your work, I always liked your pictures and I never new who was the photographer. Today for the first time I saw your interview on YouTube and saw your last name. are you Georgian? If you are, I'm so proud that woman from my country is doing so much for plus size women. I'm not really a plus size girl, but I always has issues with my body and I can't even describe how much your work helped me. Thanks to you I fell in love with my body.

Nini Lomtatidze

Dear Victoria, I fall in love with this project. I don't know, if you can imagine, what a wonderful thing you're doing. You show the beauty in the pure form. Your book isn't only the Art piece, its a chance for women and girls accept their own femininity, regardless of the size clothing. Thank you for that.

J.F. Farki

I just want to say how fantastic I think this is. I'm a man who believes that women should embrace their beauty no matter what shape or size. All women are beautiful! This is a fantastic way to help promote a positive body image for all women. I can't wait to get this book!


My whole life I wanted to model.... When I see this amazing art- ( As a women, mother, friend daughter sister & photographer.. I now can see me and feel great and confident!! Great job!!

T Lynn Cortes

I cannot wait until I have my copy sitting on my coffee table! Your work and your message is so beautiful!! XOXO

Chelsea Miller

Hello Ms. Victoria my name is Elaine Hernandez and I just want to say to you... Thank you for what you doing for us women in general but specially for the FULL FIGURE WOMEN like myself...right now I don't have the means to pledge a lot of money but
I will definitely pledge....

But What I really would like to do is to pledge my body as a model for this wonderful project that has done wonderful for me and many of my friends. I would like to pledge my body as a model for this project.... Several years ago I didn't liked myself because of many not so pretty incidents that transcribed in my life as a full side woman and no matter how many diets and exercise projects I went through, didn't help me but it was just a mere intent to look good in the eyes of others.. Specially men..only to find out that the only one that needed to like me for who I Am and what I am is "Me" and only "Me" was then when I had to learn how to love and accept myself and all my beautiful CURVES. 
The scars on my body tells the story of all my battles from cancer to domestic violence and through at all I have succumbed it by the grace of God ...but my biggest battle has always been allowing others to judge me for my size.......I AM ALIVE AND I AM BEAUTIFUL .... 
So, this is my way of saying THANK YOU.... 
I hope that you would consider my body for your future projects...

Elaine Hernandez

My name is Catleen Kelly, I am an aspiring actress and plus size model finishing up my BFA in Brooklyn. I would just like to say thank you for creating this work. I have hated my body and self for my entire life because of my size. People, society and this business always told me I was less than because of it. It lead to eating disorders and so much unnecessary self-hate that I could not see myself for what I am, even to this day. It will be a life long process for me to love every inch of myself. Your photographs have moved and inspired me to not bend to societies rules but want to change them. I don't want young girls to hate what they see in the mirror because others tell them to. I love your work, I hope to break standards and stereotypes as you are doing. As I start to branch off and start my career in this business I hope to never change because of pressure from others. Thank you again for your vision. Hopefully I will work with you one day. 
Cannot wait for the book.

All the best and Happy New Year,


I just saw this on the Today's show. As a mom of a plus size daughter....this warms my heart. It's been a struggle for her because her younger sister is not plus size. I will be sharing this page with her. She's beautiful and I want her to know the world is full of beauty and it's not dependent on a size! Today is her 18th birthday!

Jennifer Wilson

The Curvy Connect Mag team is truly looking forward to your project! It is SO important and timely. All the best!

Thank you, 
Jennifer Amoako, Editor-in-Chief 
Curvy Connect Mag

You are showing to the world that there is real beauty outside the catwalks, advertisements and TV screens, that a woman can be beautiful even if she isn't anorectic. I know many women who have body issues, and I believe that showing this book to them will help them see themselves at least a tiny bit more attractive, and hopefully as attractive as most men see them.

I'm just glad to be part of this and help you in my own modest way. So, thank YOU.

Juha Auvinen

Hi Victoria, 
My name is Sabry Khaled, I'm an Egyptian documentary photographer who's usually not interested in "studio photography" but the moment i saw your pictures 03:30 am in the morning, I was speechless, you have something really genuine and beautiful.. just stunning.


Sabry Khaled

Hi Victoria, 
I love the project and seeing your pictures of Denise and Marina is really encouraging to me. I work as an actress in London and am a size 14. I constantly have the battle in my head of 'If I lost weight, would I get offered more work?' It's such a horrible question to be asking yourself on a daily basis but I try to ignore it as best I can. Surely if I am good at what I do and am professional to work with, I will eventually be successful?! The TV and film industry are starting to make headway with 'Girls' and Joan from Madmen but it needs to develop further.

Mary Jane Lowe

Hello Victoria,

My name is Katia,

I am grateful to you for your project, cause I'm a plus size woman, and believe that projects like yous are necessary today. You make a society accustomed to the different beauty and make me to love myself as I'm.

Despite the fact that sometimes I feel awkward on the beach, I would not hesitate participated in this photo shoot :)

So thank you again and good luck!

Katia Kuper Gorohov

I would love to be a part of this? Are you looking or interested in any models. I'm a mother of two and I'm not an avg size 14 but I would
Love to be a part of your movement. What you are doing is amazing and real and I applaud your bravery for showing the world "real" women.

Katie Leon

I myself am an "in-betweenie", and love your project! I live in Northern California, but if you ever have any information for girls aspiring to be an in-between model I would love more information about it!

Again, love love LOVE your work!

Afton Neufeld

Hi Victoria, 
I just wanted to thank you for doing this project. Your photography is stunning and it is refreshing to see such a lovely art created with "plus-sized" models. Having had curves since I was a teenager, I have always felt "plus-sized" even when I truly wasn't. This is a welcome and beautiful change from the norm. Thank you.


Jenna Sadler

Dear Ms. Janashvili,

I am a father of three daughters, all young women in their twenties now. Allie, Hannah, and Claire are each uniquely beautiful, each with her own body type. Thank you for honoring and lifting up the beauty of all women.


From one Victoria to another (Marivi = Maria Victoria).... Congratulations and can't wait to get my book. So great to see such beautiful work materializing. Keep it up!

Big hug from Miami,

Marivi Sanabria

Hi Victoria: my name is Evelyn. I am a 62 year old grandmother, who lives in Puerto Rico.  Today I was thinking I didn't want to die without having some sexy pictures taken.
I never had the nerves to do it while I was young because I was always self conscience about my body, even when I was beautiful and skinny. But looking at your photographs and how gorgeous the models look I feel better about my body even now that I'm old and fat.....


Dear Victoria,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your excellent work. I saw your portfolio few months ago when I was searching for plus size magazines and fashion blogs and was very impressed. You have such an eye to capture the beauty beyond forms. Amazing! Really a beautiful work.

I want to personally thank you for focusing on taking pictures of plus size women. Myself, I always wanted to feel good about my voluptuous shape and proud of being a curvy woman with my 5'11 height and all the extra pounds that come with it. Looking at models who flaunt their bodies the way they do being about my size makes me feel like a more beautiful and a more confident woman.


I'm sure you get plenty of emails like this, but I just wanted to applaud you on how beautiful your work is. 

As someone who is considered plus size, your work is simply breathtaking. Seeing women feel as beautiful as they do in your photographs inspires me more than you could imagine. 

So thank you. 




My name is Rob Joseph.  I am a photographer in Portland, OR.  My tag line is simple.    

We Make Every Body Beautiful. No Slut Shaming. No Fat Shaming. Against Victim Blaming

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate your work and I look forward to purchasing Curves.  It is a beautiful project. 

Rob Joseph

This project is just GREAT. I love the combination of photography and artist's brush strokes on the female "canvases" which renders these photographs absolutely unique. I am a hobby semi-prof photographer and abstract painter myself, which is one of the reasons why I supported this project. The other one is that I LOVE curvy ladies. I am looking forward to your next project. Compliments!

Joseph Zenz


Hi Victoria,

I know you get a ton of these emails everyday ever since your story blew up. But I wanted to say how much your photos made me feel better about myself.

I'm not a stick and super model tall, but I'm not large also, I'm in the in between region where I get told I look good but I'm still self conscious. But these photos have made me that I should be confident no matter my size. And that's really important. I'm 18, a freshman in college and I see what it's like to be in that world where everyone is worried about their weight but really I'm okay where I am.

I want to be on Broadway one day and you know I've dreamt of modeling but I never felt like I'd fit into that world. I don't look like the super models.

I would love to model for you, maybe give the other teenagers who see it, the view that they don't have to look like super models to be beautiful. They can be a quirky 5'4 girl. Please do let me know if you'd like me to model for you. It's just a shot in the dark but it'd be an incredible experience.

You're amazing!!!

Alessia Salimbene

Hi Victoria,

I saw an article about your project “Curves” and I was inspired to reach out to you. I applaud you on creating an art book that celebrates women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes.

I am a 40 year old alcoholic woman in recovery that has a daily battle with my depression.

My struggle with food, weight gaining and body image issues started at a very young age. It lead to many years of self destructive behavior and a constant chase of trying to find something that would “fill me up inside” give me a little sense of relief and make me feel “ok” and “good”, if even, only for a few moments at a time. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 and although I have lost over 100 pounds since surgery, I have gained a lot of permanent health issues.

On my 39th birthday and shortly after turning 5 years sober I found myself in so much pain that I knew if I didn’t reach out for help, I was going to die.  I mean it literally when I say that Pole dancing saved my life and even more specifically, the dance studio I joined, Sheila Kelley S Factor is what saved my life.

S Factor is a community of everyday women, all ages, all shapes and sizes from all different backgrounds that learn to love, accept and embrace our curves, celebrate our sisterhood, encourage and empower ourselves and each other. We are passionate about not letting society and the media define what we're supposed to find sexy and beautiful. We redefine our own idea of sexy and we see the beauty in every woman.

I joined S Factor after my 39th birthday in June of 2013 and it has saved my spirit and my soul. It has been huge in helping me deal with my depression. S Factor is so much more than "pole dancing" it's a spiritual journey with a sisterhood of empowered, passionate, courageous, like minded women. Learning pole tricks is just an added bonus and let me tell you, it's a work out that builds your strength and your core to be able to do the pole tricks. One of the many tools we learn is called "muscle exertion" which is moving so deliberately slow your muscles shake. By initiating the movement from your muscles you feel the strength and power coming from your body. Muscle exertion helps push out all of those emotions that you've been holding on to and need to be released. S Factor is very healing. Expressing your emotions through the power of dance is very healing and freeing.

I have experienced tragedy and loss in my sobriety these last almost 6 years but 2014 by far was the darkest, most painful year of my life.

I was at a place and in a situation where I had no other choice but to learn to be still, feel the feelings (all of them) and come to peace with things. Release old emotions that were stuck in my body through each one of my dances and learn to nurture myself, love myself, love my body – all of it and show myself compassion.

I’m slowly learning how powerful and the healing I feel from receiving a soft nurturing touch, the beauty in allowing myself to feel a connection with someone. I finally understand that everything I so desperately craved to fill up that emptiness is already and has always been inside of me.

With the guidance of the most amazing teachers, I learn to fill myself up through my movement, through my dancing, through all of the love and support I receive from the beautiful community of women at S Factor.

I am grateful for the lessons I learned in 2014 and welcome with open arms a new year filled with celebration, love, acceptance, abundance and possibility!

I would like to share an inspirational video I submitted for a studio contest this past summer and some pictures I had taken at the studio over this past year. I love to share my dance pictures because they capture the emotion I feel when I dance and it takes me back to those peaceful moments.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Have a wonderful New Year!

With love and admiration,

Christina Marquez Hounanian        


Victoria, Devon saw you at the "Today Show" and told me to see your archive at "You Tube" about your project "Curves"!!!!!

Is absolutely incredible!!!! If I already didn't love your job, now you would definetly catch me for good!!!

You actually have no idea what an incredible benefit you are giving to the society in general!!! I can say for myself that I suffered a lot with bulling during all my youth because I was always chubby, therefore out of the standards of the society, so I can say that photograph essay will certainly contribute not only to the persons who have "curves" feels better about themselves, but also to the society beggins to change their way of look to people out of standards and maybe start to see us like "real people" who deserves respect, affection, and even admiration in our own terms, you know?? 

People easily forget that "beauty standards" use to change from time to time, and that some of the best "photographers" or the photographers of that time, the painters as Rafael, Da Vince, Botticelli, and others use to paint their Madonas with all their curves and plenty of beauty!!!

So this is first to say "thank you" for do such a special job, and second to say CONGRATS, cause this is the kind of job which put you in another level of photography, that I know is a place you really deserves!!

Great job dear!!! Hope the next year can bring your book all over the world and specially to my Brasil!!


Devon and Djalma

Dear Victoria Janashvili,


 I saw your incredible, amazing project CURVES on the Internet a couple of days ago.


I think you only have very little time, that´s why I write one short question only:


I want to become a model and I want to work with you; I am only 1,55 m tall (21 years old) and very sportive (so I`m far, far away from typical fashion model sizes).

What do I have to do in order to work with you?


Your work inspires me so much, it literally touched me and brought me to tears, because in these days there is a lot pressure on (young) girls but also women, regarding their bodies. I just love your work and your idea.



I really, really hope to get an answer from you. Have a happy few last days in 2014 and a good New Years´ Eve.


Lots of love from Hamburg


Anna Malin Frank